Losses of All Kinds

There are over 40 different life events that can cause us to feel the conflicting feelings of grief – the death of a loved one, for example, but also divorce, the absence of a parent, a cross-country move or a breakup can be devastating and break our hearts.

Whether we’ve suffered a loss last week, last year or even in the last decade, people often struggle to comfort us. We hear things such as “he’s in a better place” or “it could have been worse”, sentiments that aren’t actually very helpful in making us feel better. We tell each other not to feel bad, that time will heal all wounds, or that we need to keep busy and distract ourselves from the pain we’re feeling. All of these statements can make us feel worse – after all, it’s normal and natural to have painful feelings after a loss has occurred. Sometimes these losses have occurred in childhood, and well-meaning adults were not supportive or comforting at the time. As adults, we may still carry that pain with us and notice the impact it has on our overall happiness.

Libby Kramer Grief Recovery Specialist

What is The Grief Recovery Method?

The Grief Recovery Method is a guided programme of action steps that help heal the pain associated with a significant personal loss. Afterwards, a participant is able to apply the action steps to work through other previous losses, and use them for any losses still to come.

Unlike therapy, counselling or other alternatives, we follow a specific course of action – the aim is to feel a sense of completion with all of the unresolved feelings, fears, and pain linked to the loss. It is the only grief support programme that has an evidence base to prove its effectiveness.

Because grief is an emotional experience, not an intellectual one, we do not analyse your feelings or try to understand “why” you feel the way you do. Nor do we compare different types of losses or make judgements about your actions or the actions of others.

”The Grief Recovery Method was enormously helpful to me in many ways. I had a lifetime buildup of unprocessed emotions holding me back in life, following various losses […] The more I worked with the elements, the more I cried and the better I started to feel. The final part was very powerful and a beautiful closing to the process. Thank you so much Libby!”
”Libby is a wonderful warm-hearted facilitator that makes you feel at ease and non-judged. It was easy for me to open up and share my most intimate sadness with her. She effortlessly walked me through the process and held space for my sorrow and healing.”
”This programme gives you down to earth tools and guidance about taking significant steps to improve the way you feel about grief and loss.”

*All testimonials have been kept anonymous due to the nature of the subject matter and out of respect for clients’ privacy.

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