Libby Kramer

About Me

When I was 21 years old, in my last semester of student teaching and preparing to begin my adult life, my dearest friend Matthew died by suicide. The pain of this event sent me on a journey that resulted in huge personal expansion as well as, ultimately, joy. It was this joy that eventually led me to want to work with grievers, and I feel very honoured to be present with others in their moments of pain.

I have always been passionate about teaching and have worked in educational settings for the past fifteen years. I love teaching people about the myths we have around grief and re-defining the way we speak about difficult topics. More importantly, however, I believe my own experiences as a griever, mother, and mentor help me to listen wholeheartedly and help people feel comfortable.

When I first came upon the Grief Recovery Method, every aspect of it resonated with my own personal experience as well as with my beliefs about grief and grief work. As a Grief Recovery Specialist, I have not only had the privilege of hearing others talk about their losses and struggles, I have also witnessed the transformation of my own life.

Given my background in education, I am especially passionate about helping parents, teachers, carers and other professionals support children through times of loss, grief and disappointment. I believe that as educators and parents we can make a significant difference in the emotional health of young people.

I also love to lead programmes that bring people closer together and allow them to spread that healing to others. I treasure the experiences I have with individual clients who tell me their stories and place their trust in me.

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to inquire at or at +352 20 60 08 34. All conversations are kept strictly confidential and are free of any obligation to participate in a Grief Recovery programme.