Challenges and Struggles

A child will encounter an average of 15 significant losses by the time they reach adulthood. This means that loss is not only a part of life, it is a part that is to be expected and accepted.

As parents, we hate to see our children in pain and we often struggle to say or do what is “right”. This becomes particularly difficult when a child or teenager has isolated themselves, has outbursts of anger, is having troubles in school or is not interested in talking.

Libby Kramer Grief Recovery Specialist
Helping Children with Loss with Libby Kramer

Confidence and Hope

The “Helping Children through Loss” course is an amazing way for parents to learn more about loss and grief, in particular how it is experienced by the children in our care. Above and beyond that, however, it gives us the tools and the right words to use when discussing losses with our children. Our textbook, “When Children Grieve” by John W. James and Russell Friedman guides us through the action steps required to help a young person become complete with a specific personal loss. The steps are based on the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method that has been used successfully with grievers for over 3 decades.

Because the course consists of only four sessions, it is possible for busy parents to participate and achieve a feeling of confidence in their abilities within just 4-8 weeks, depending on the intensity level of the course. We begin to discuss practical tips and tools from the very beginning that you can use to help your child right away.

In addition, the supportive environment fosters a feeling of support and emotional safety for the participating parents – the course is often a therapeutic experience for the adults, as well. Groups are kept small so that everyone feels comfortable.

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To find out more about Helping Children with Loss, or to inquire about course dates and times, contact or +352 20 60 08 34. You may also want to visit the FAQs page for more information.